eC2:Agricultural demand modeling for geospatial electrification planning in SSA

Deadline: 11-Sep-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)Agrabusiness-Story-Banner

Assignment Description:

As outlined in ESMAPs Business Plan 2017-2020, Achieving universal access by 2030 will require a step change in the rate of new connections and in levels of investment, particularly in low access countries. Sector-wide programs in the electricity sector are showing better results than what can be achieved using a project-by-project approach. These programs are based on national electricity access roll out plans using geospatial planning and least-cost combinations of coordinated grid and off-grid electrification. The geospatially determined plan in turn anchors the sector investment financing prospectus.

II. Scope of Work
This task aims to generate the following:
1. A methodology to estimate and project electricity demand from geo-located agricultural activities
2. The evaluation of the methodology based on a country pilot in sub-Saharan Africa
3. A toolkit for practitioners on how to estimate and integrate agricultural demand into geospatial electrification planning

See full tender here: Agricultural demand modeling for geospatial electrification planning in SSA

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Assignment Countries:

  • MW – Malawi
  • MG – Madagascar
  • MZ – Mozambique
  • ZM – Zambia