eC2: Design of Standards and Specifications for Mini-grids Development

Deadline:  07-May-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) India Energy

Objective: IFC seeks to hire the services of a Consulting firm to support harmonization of technical standards and specifications for private or community operating mini-grid systems in Zambia. For the purposes of this engagement, the working definition of a mini-grid is an interconnected electric power distribution system that can operate independent or/and connected to the main grid and contains some local generation. The technical standards and specifications will comprise a set of clearly documented requirements to be satisfied by mini-grid developers and operators in relation to material choice, system design and service level. These specifications should aim to create a common understanding and basis of expectations among developers, operators, regulators and consumers on the various levels of acceptable service delivery including technical, safety, cost and reliability issues. The work will include development of standards and specifications as needed, institutional arrangement recommendations, and implementation support.

See full tender here: Design of Standards and Specifications for Mini-grids Development

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Tender notification: # 1257031

Assignment Countries:

  • ZM – Zambia