eC2: Understanding and Benchmarking Trucking Sector Performance

Deadline: 19-Mar-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) general-transport-mosaic-main

Objective:  The purpose of this assignment is to address the challenge of meaningfully comparing trucking sector performance at the national level: operational (and, by extension, economic/financial) and environmental performance across countries, including low-income, middle-income, high-income, and fragile states, and in so doing define (a) what constitutes “strong” relative to “poor” trucking sector performance in properly segmented trucking markets; (b) what factors influence performance, and through what mechanisms; (c) what kinds of prioritized interventions can shape performance; and (d) how trucking sector performance, and the nature of trucking sector operations, are likely to evolve in the face of potentially disruptive global trends, such as an impending shortage of truck drivers, an eventual transition to electric and/or autonomous commercial vehicles, big data-enabled integration of logistics service provision, more stringent environmental regulations, and more innovative ways for the public and private sectors to partner in the planning, funding, delivery, and regulation of logistics service provision in truck-based supply chains.

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