eC2: Analytical study for implementing Land Value Capture (LVC) instruments in Colombia

Deadline: 05-Feb-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) pexels-photo-235829.jpeg

Objective:  1.Identify the technical legal and finance aspects for the implementation of LVC instruments including: i) relation of the instrument with the type municipality ii) regulatory framework of the municipality for its implementation (urban, tributary, and fiscal), iii) technical and institutional capacity of the municipalities to implement them, iv) destination (type of projects) of the instrument, v) effectiveness in the implementation and collection, and vi) lessons learned and recommendations. 2.Define recommendations to strengthen the capacity of national (Min. of Finance, National Planning Department, DNP, and Min.of Housing) and local governments to implement LVC instruments 3.Define recommendations for the selection and implementation of LVC instruments taking into account: i)national and sub-national legal framework, ii) typology of projects,iii) institutional framework, iv) fiscal and financial situation, v) type of projects, advantages/ disadvantage in its application.

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  • CO – Colombia