eC2: West Bank Solar – Legal Consultant

Deadline: 25-Nov-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Objective: The International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) is expected to be appointed as Lead Transaction Advisor to support the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources energyAuthority (“PENRA”) in attracting private sector participation through a competitive tender for the construction and operation of 3-4 grid-connected solar PV plants (with a cumulative capacity of 15 to 25 MW) in the West Bank on an IPP basis (the “Project”). Accordingly, IFC is looking to appoint an international legal consultant (the Consultant) to (i) conduct full due diligence to identify and advice on any legal, regulatory, and policy issues that may affect the implementation of the Project; (ii) support in marketing the Project to investors and prepare tender documents as well as all required legal documentation to execute the Project; and (iii) assist in the negotiation as well as evaluation and selection of the winning bidder.

See full tender here:  West Bank Solar – Legal Consultant

EConsultant2 website:

Tender notification: #1252500

Assignment Countries:

  • GZ – West Bank and Gaza