eC2: Preparation of baseline reports for the Water Global Practice results framework

Deadline: 05-Oct-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) water

The Water GP has defined an innovative results framework (RF) to track combined results from activities funded by the GWSP multi-donor trust fund and World Bank-financed operations. This results framework has been defined in partnership with donors to the GWSP to allow them to track the additionality of funding they provide to the multidonor trust fund. In a spirit of integration with WB operations, the RF was designed as a comprehensive framework for the WGP as a whole. Underlining the RF, the WGP has identified five priority themes where emphasis is critically needed to achieve the SDG for water (SDG 6) and contribute to many other SDGs which are so closely interlinked with the achievement of a Water-Secure world for all. These five themes are areas where countries need to redouble their efforts and in some cases, revise their strategies to increase their chances of meeting the water SDG: they include sustainability, inclusion, institutions, financing and resilience.

See full tender here: Preparation of baseline reports for the Water Global Practice results framework

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Tender notification: # 1251049

Assignment Countries:

  •     BJ – Benin
  •     BD – Bangladesh
  •     BO – Bolivia
  •     HT – Haiti
  •     ET – Ethiopia
  •     KE – Kenya
  •     EG – Egypt, Arab Republic of
  •     PK – Pakistan
  •     VN – Vietnam