eC2: Improving Post-Disaster Damage Data Collection to Inform Decision Making

This assignment is to review the existing situation in post-disaster damage information collection and prepare a conceptual design for an improved tool and IT architecture. This assignment is for two phases: (i) to evaluate existing damage assessment and data collection methodologies as well as provide an overview of new and innovative tools and methodologies for improving damage data collection, their experiences and challenges; and (ii) to develop the conceptual design for an improved solution, including generic specifications and model architecture, and the customized specifications for Armenia to move into implementation. This assignment will design the infrastructure and variables for a generic version of such a tool which can be customized to countries around the world and different applications. It will also develop the customization for this tool to the context of Armenia, as well as the roadmap to move into implementation. The current focus in terms of natural hazards should be on tropical cyclones, floods, landslides, and earthquakes. In a later phase, other natural hazards may be added.

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