eC2: Innovative models for waste water planning, financing and regulation

Deadline: 05-Sep-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Wastewater resource recovery is being implemented in many countries around the waste water treamentworld but this is usually done in an ad-hoc basis and is not part of a long-term national strategy or policy. There are successes and failures around the world and information on the technological options abound, but there is much less information available on the institutional, regulatory and policy frameworks that incentivize these schemes nor on the financing/contractual arrangements behind these approaches. Many developing countries still think of wastewater as a waste; as something that needs to be treated and discharged. There is a need to move from a linear to a circular thinking.

In order to address these challenges and opportunities the World Bank has embarked in an initiative titled From Waste to Resource – Why and How Should we Plan and Invest in Wastewater? With the objective to provide the analytical underpinnings and guidance on improved strategies for the planning and financing of wastewater treatment, resource recovery, and water quality improvement investments and associated trade-off in a river basin context. In particular, this activity will promote the prioritization and design of investments in the context of a circular economy in which wastewater is considered as an asset and a resource to be utilized rather than a liability. This activity will provide Task Team Leaders of the Bank and other International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and client countries with the necessary tools to plan, design and implement sustainable financial, environmental, social, institutional, regulatory, and economic solutions. The activity aims to provide guidance on improved strategies for the financing of wastewater treatment, including financial structures that will incentivize resource recovery to promote the sustainability of the infrastructure.

The overall objectives of this assignment are to: i) analyze and assess the role that the private sector can play in the financing of wastewater and to understand what types of private sector participation are most likely to succeed in different policy environments; (ii) complete existing case studies developed by the Bank and/or develop new case studies in which the institutional/contractual/financial/risk allocation aspects are well described and understood; and (iii) propose and describe proven and new business (financing) strategies to further improve the state of wastewater treatment in MICs.

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