eC2: Clean Technology Manufacturing value chain in Egypt

Deadline: 28-Feb-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The Government of Egypt (GoE) is one of T&Cs current clients. The country has committed light-bulb-297489_640to improving and promoting energy efficiency driven by the energy security risks associated with the pressures from growing population and rising fuel demand on its finite fossil fuel supply. This shortage of traditional fuels poses a serious challenge to the industrial growth of Egypt. The industrial sector energy demand amounts to approximately one third of final energy production. Yet energy efficiency within industries is not adequately exploited due to high energy subsidies, the lack of an effective policy framework, weak environmental law enforcement, and the lack of availability of clean technologies in the local market, among other factors.

Egypt has recently transformed the energy sector by issuing a PM Decree in 2014 increasing electricity tariffs and phasing-out subsidies by 2019. Accordingly, the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MoTI) is implementing an energy efficiency program to lower the energy security risks for industries and improve their international competitiveness while encouraging growth in green manufacturing and services. MoTI has requested World Bank Group assistance on developing the regulatory and institutional structure and regulatory framework to support activities on industrial energy efficiency and get them started on high impact initiatives on standards and labeling for industrial equipment. The program focuses on 2 components:

1. Increase up-take of energy efficient electric motors by;
Developing minimum energy performance standards (MEPS),
Developing a labelling system for energy efficient motors,
Improving the monitoring verification & enforcement mechanism.

2. Catalyze investment in energy efficient technology manufacturing and increasing their availability and use by industries by;
Improving policies and regulatory frameworks to encourage investment in energy efficient technology manufacturing,
Developing policies that support energy efficient technology use by industries.

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