eC2: GAFSP PrSW Cameroon Evaluation – Phase I Baseline

Deadline:  21-Jul-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

promotionalIFC is looking for an experienced firm specialized in impact evaluations to conduct the baseline of an impact evaluation of IFC and GAFSP (Global Agriculture and Food Security Program) invested projects in Cameroon. The IFC projects are part of a joint World Bank/IFC initiative consisting of a comprehensive public-private partnership to support the vertical integration of producer organizations (POs) of cassava, maize, and sorghum into the value chain of commercial agribusiness off-takers. IFC and GAFSP investments facilitate the critical links to private banks and to the private sector by providing risk sharing facility (RSFs) and/or loans to participating financial institutions. The evaluation is to measure impact of the projects on yields, farmer income, poverty, food security and women.

See full tender here:GAFSP PrSW Cameroon Evaluation – Phase I Baseline

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  • CM – Cameroon