eConsultant2: Urban Transport Master Plan in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Deadline: 09-Feb-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The main objectives of this project are to (a) inform the authorities in Chittagong of BRTC_double_decker_bus_03652measures to improve its urban transport system through the development of a master plan, and (b) prepare pre-feasibility studies for bus improvement projects as priority investment. These objectives will be achieved by conducting a thorough review of existing transport policies and projects, carrying out travel demand and traffic studies, developing a strategic-level urban transport master plan, developing a pre-feasibility study for short-term and long-term priority interventions, and developing an institutional restructuring proposal for an efficient and quality public bus service in Chittagong, and for transport management in general.

Strategic Urban Transport Master Plan will highlight broad project and policy recommendations to tackle urban transport problems in Chittagong. On the physical aspects, the master plan will identify key transport corridors in the study area and present recommendations for those key corridors, such as improved bus service and road capacity increase. It will not explore to cover all the necessary improvements for the target year, but will mainly focus on public transport improvement, which is the obvious way-forward but requires a holistic efforts, and will provide bus improvement project recommendations and support measures on traffic management. On the policy side, the master plan will address institutional arrangement for the management of metropolitan urban transport matters, and regulatory framework for effective control of private bus industry.

This project also provides capacity building for government institutions and assistance for private bus industry restructuring.

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