Webinar: World Bank PPP learning event

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks in PPPs: Europe and Central Asia
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 ( Tomorrow )
Time: 10:00AM EST – 3PM GMT
Name: Lorik Fejzullahu – Head, Central PPP Department Ministry of Finance, Kosovo
Name: Filip Drapak – Consultant, East and Central Asia PPP Transaction Advisory, International Finance Corporation, The World Bank Group
Name: Shyamala Shukla -Senior Consultant, PPP Cross-Cutting Solution Area, The World Bank Group

This webinar will discuss important features of the legal and regulatory framework for PPPs in Kosovo, including defining PPPs, preparation for and procurement of such contracts, and institutional roles and responsibilities involved in Kosovo’s PPPs.

It will also focus on the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on financing of PPPs; the strengths, challenges and practical implications of the framework in Kosovo; and future prospects of refining that framework.

Space is limited, we encourage you to register early and we look forward to your participation.

To learn more about the PPP Webinar Series and other PPP news, follow us on Twitter @WBG_PPP#PPPs.



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