Ecuador Sustainable Family Farming Modernization Project

The World Bank Board of Directors will discuss the Ecuador Sustainable Family Farming Modernization Project on Tuesday, July 14. The project involves a total of $128 million, of which $80 million will be provided by the World Bank.

The project development objective is to enhance incomes of small and medium sized farm households by supporting more productive and climate-smart use for land and water.

This is to be achieved through the following components:
  • Investments for climate-smart sub-projects ($100 million)
    • Productive Investments: (i) individual and/or collective small water storages (ponds); (ii) on-farm investments for modernization of irrigation techniques (drip, sprinkler or modern gravity) and; (iii) complementary works aiming at improving off-farm irrigation and drainage networks.
    • Improvement of Agricultural Practices, Water and Soil Management that will finance small investments linked to the productive investments, and will support the implementation of climate smart agriculture activities.
  • Capacity building for institutional stakeholders and beneficiaries’ organizations ($6 million)
  • Project management ($17 million)

You will find more information about this project on the project website, where you can also find the Project Information Document.