Where Does the World Stand in Reaching Sustainable Energy Objectives?

progress on sust energy



  • Moving in the right direction, but far from reaching universal access to modern energy, doubling energy efficiency and doubling share of renewable energy in global energy mix;
  • Annual global investments must triple to $1.25 trillion to reach sustainable energy goals;
  • Right policies and access to latest technology are important to spur country-level action.

The world is on the right track to make sustainable energy a reality for everyone by 2030, but that can only happen if countries dramatically accelerate their efforts and have access to the latest technology and additional investments, according to a report launched today.

Progress Toward Sustainable Energy: Global Tracking Framework 2015” gives a snapshot of how far the world has come in achieving universal access to modern energy, doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency and doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix and shows how much work remains to reach these objectives.

Please find more information regarding the World Bank’s efforts to reach the sustainable energy objectives on its website.