Health Systems Strengthening – Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of Africa’s most rapidly growing economies. Since 2010 economic growth has exceeded the average for Sub-Saharan Africa by two percentage points, projected to reach over 10% growth in 2015. However, the DRC has some of the worst health and nutrition indicators in the world and is ranked last (#187) in the 2013 Human Development Report. As such, the DRC is not on track to achieve any of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially those related to Maternal and Child Health.

The higher level objective to which this project would contribute is to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the health system in order to improve human development outcomes. Improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, in turn, should boost confidence in these systems and may lead to an increase in overall investment in the social sectors.

Development Objective

The proposed project development objective is to improve utilization and quality of maternal and child health services in targeted areas.

project components

1) Improve utilization and quality of health services through Performance Based Financing (PBF)
2) Improve Governance of the Health System
3) Strengthen Health Financing and Health Policy Capacities

project cost

IDA Loan: $110 million
IDA Grant: $110 million
Results Based Financing IDA / IBRD: $10 million
Total: $230 million

Project website

Full Project Information Document (PID)

Full Project Appraisal Document (PAD)

Possible Action: Contact Senior Operations Officer (contact info in PID), contact the Netherlands Embassy in the DRC (Kinshasa) or contact the World Bank Liaisons at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC.