Handbook ‘Zakendoen met de Wereldbank Groep’

Handbook ‘Zakendoen met de Wereldbank Groep’

The Netherlands embassy in Washington, D.C. recently published a handbook, “Zakendoen met de Wereldbank Groep,” to provide interested Dutch parties a basic introduction to the World Bank.

wb-promo-picture.jpgThe handbook will provide those who are interested in contracting with the World Bank a first impression of how this large organization works. It discusses the differences between consultations and goods and works, and explores the position of the World Bank as a contract party.

One aspect that is not always well understood is the project cycle of the World Bank, and which party is responsible for each phase of the cycle. Here, the role of borrowing countries becomes more important, which the handbook explains in greater detail.

Lastly, the document shows you where you should go to find procurement notices, and where you will find the project pipeline. It finishes with a number of tips and tricks that have been shared with us over the years.

The publication is meant to be dynamic, and will be updated with feedback and new developments regularly. We would like to receive your feedback through was-ea@minbuza.nl. The handbook is available in Dutch only.