eC2: Rwanda Rural Roads and Agricultural Value Chains Impact Evaluation

Deadline:    22-Feb-2021 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) 14114340279_c7363a7eb7_k

DIME is seeking a research firm to pilot and implement field activities and conduct quantitative surveys for an impact evaluation on rural road rehabilitation and agricultural value chains in Rwanda. This includes the following activities:

1.Field pilot of a trucker experiment on 5 road segments in the 21B season, including snowball sampling of truckers and rural aggregators, piloting a willingness-to-accept mechanism with 3 truckers per road segment, and monitoring contract compliance.
2. Full implementation of the pilot in 130 road segments across Rwanda in 22A and 22B seasons
3. Trucker surveys: in-person baseline (start 22A) and endline (end 22B) surveys of 3 truckers in each of the 130 road segments. Midline phone surveys at the start of 22B.
4. Aggregator surveys: in-person baseline and endline surveys for 1 aggregator per road segment.

See full tender here: Rwanda Rural Roads and Agricultural Value Chains Impact Evaluation

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RW – Rwanda