eC2: Agricultural Technologies and Supply Chain Innovations (AgTech)-Oilseeds

Deadline: 10-Nov-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) blog-cl-chile-agroinversion-wide

IFC is seeking to introduce an IT based system in an agribusiness project and help an IFC client strengthen their traceability system from the smallholder plot where the product is grown to the final consumer of the product, their organic certification processes, agricultural planning and their interaction with the smallholder farmers in general. IFC intends to contract a Consulting Firm (the Consultant) who will establish a technology-enabled system for automating the technology requirements of the IFC client. The required solution will be a mobile- and web-based system that incorporates the intended functionalities.

See full tender here: Agricultural Technologies and Supply Chain Innovations (AgTech)-Oilseeds

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Tender notification: # 1270994

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ET – Ethiopia