eC2: Quantifying the social and economic benefits of road safety interventions and guiding fragile cities on road safety interventions

Deadline: 17-Aug-2020 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

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This activity aims to show the benefits and costs of improvements in road safety in specific interventions in especially unsafe locations in Greater Freetown, dis-aggregated by sex, locations, type of mode, age, user-type, at minimum. The activities to be delivered by the firm is divided in the following tasks:

Task 0. Gathering baseline data and setting the ground of systematic and comprehensive road safety databases. The team will present a plan to set up a data collection and treatment system. The plan will include: an estimated budget for technology, a training plan for road safety officials, staff needs and credentials, organizational structure of the data unit and communication protocols with other officials within the Government of Sierra Leone.

Task 1. Quantifying the benefits of improving road safety through improvements in the use of public space (research paper). This activity will develop a methodology for qualitative and quantitative research to determine benefits and costs of road safety interventions within the four areas proposed (traffic management and signaling, use of public space, enforcement and public outreach). Furthermore, this activity will implement the methodology in real case studies in the city of Freetown.

Task 2. Bringing Ideas to Reality in fragile cities: from research to practice (guidance note). This deliverable consists on a practical policy note about road safety and use of urban space in fragile cities which will complement the methodology guideline on how to calculate the benefits of road safety improvements for urban transport projects. It is important to consider the role of master transport plans and how they integrate road safety issues. The guidelines should be comprehensive and consider, not only road safety related interventions, but also urban design and engineering improvements with a significant impact on road safety.

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