What will it take to achieve COVID-19 containment and economic revival?

As countries grapple with the impact of COVID-19, policy makers are seeking effective,vietnam balanced solutions to address both public health and economic recovery challenges. To understand which approaches have been successful and how these might help other countries and regions, policy makers from Colombia, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, and Italy’s Veneto region shared with us their stories of response and recovery.

Debt: Transparency will make debt and investment more productive, help with accountability, and support the economic recoveries that are vital for poverty reduction, said World Bank Group President David Malpass at the virtual High-Level Ministerial Conference on Debt. Mr. Malpass highlighted the progress made and challenges ahead for debt and investment transparency.

Related: The novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on lives around the world. Bilateral debt service suspension is a powerful measure that can bring real benefits to people in poor countries, particularly countries that don’t have the financial resources to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Year-end update: In a letter to the Governors of the World Bank Group, President David Malpass provided an update on the Bank Group deliveries, as well as other efforts over the past year.

Telemedicine: Before the pandemic, the global telemedicine industry was already expected to grow at an estimated 15% a year by mid-decade, but some analysts believe it will now accelerate to 19.3%.

The elderly and disabled: Countries can learn lessons from this crisis on how to build and improve the social and elderly care systems.

Going green: The coronavirus crisis is a window of opportunity to transform the economy and especially, to make it “green.” A green growth path out of the crisis is especially important for the Middle East and North Africa region.

Transforming business: A small engineering firm is improving and expanding COVID-19 testing, even starting the first sequencing of the genome of the virus in the Balkans.

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