eC2: IFC Grainpulse Uganda Smallholder Farmer Baseline Data Collection

Deadline: 19-Oct-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) farmers_working_in_their_fields_in_guinea

IFC is seeking to hire a Firm to collect baseline data from smallholder farmers for this specific project. To estimate the impact of the IFC Grainpulse project interventions on smallholder farmers, a farmer panel survey will be conducted, collecting baseline and endline data.  The objectives of this baseline survey are to: a) Create a profile of smallholder farmers, their household characteristics, including poverty and food consumption estimates as well as nutrition related indicators; farming practices; access to and utilization of agricultural inputs and services; access to finance; yields; sales; gender roles; and others. b) Establish a baseline for farmer livelihood and farming related indicators before the start of project implementation.Scope of work
Please note that the information noted here only refers to the baseline data collection for this project and that the Firm will be responsible for the implementation of all data collection activities linked to this initial survey round.

See full tender here: IFC Grainpulse Uganda Smallholder Farmer Baseline Data Collection

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  • UG – Uganda