Food 4 All Partnership review presentation

Wijnand van Ijssel became a secondant at the World Bank Group after 10 years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague in 2016 for a period of 3 years to hPicture2elp lead the Food 4 All Partnership initiative between the Netherlands and the World Bank Group, this article shares the most important outcomes from his placement period.

Wijnand lead the Food 4 All Partnership initiative which was signed in 2015 (for a 5-year period) between the Netherlands and the World Bank Group from 2016-2019. The goal of the partnership is to help address the problem of global food security which in turn contributes to helping the World Bank Group reach the overall goal of reducing poverty globally. The objective is to cooperate and contribute to transformational change in agriculture around the world by bringing knowledge, innovation and inclusive sustainable growth in to the food system and mobilizing joint public and private action. The approach of the partnership is to : a) find synergies between Dutch knowledge and expertise and Bank operations, b) help innovate the Bank’s thinking in strategic areas of food systems with cutting-edge knowledge, c) develop longer term collaborations, often through country level investments.


The collaboration has realized some tangible accomplishments, including food safety studies in Vietnam and India as well as WBG investment in the livestock sector in Bangladesh. An learning series within the World Bank Group, Food4All Talks informed the different WBG Global Practices (GP’s) on how the departments could incorporate Dutch expertise in their project proposals. Study tours gave the client countries of the WBG the opportunity to learn from the Dutch agricultural departments and the private sector which in turn could be used in their attempts to create a sustainable food system in their own country.

The partnership between the Netherlands and the World Bank will continue. The Netherlands is committed to supporting the Bank on the Picture3global issue of food security and food safety. To learn more about the Food for All Partnership, see attached FFA-Partnership presentation.