eC2: Local PPP firm – Deyang Water and Sanitation PPP, China

Deadline: 21-Mar-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time ā€“ Washington D.C.) PPPs

IFC will procure a consultancy firm with technical and financial expertise to assist in preparing the Two Evaluations and One Plan (Value for Money Evaluation, Financial Affordability Demonstration, PPP Project Implementation Plan) to obtain government approval for this PPP project. The Consultant will be hired and supervised by IFCs transaction advisory service Public Private Partnership. The Consultant shall owe its duty of care exclusively to IFC. All correspondences and interface with the client government and its representatives will be done with the expressed consent of IFC.

The consulting services contracts will be output based with milestone payments paid upon the clients and IFCs acceptance of the deliverables.
A. Detailed Scope of Work
1) Domestic PPP Procedure
a) Coordinate with the legal consultant and review relevant domestic PPP policies and procedures, including identification of necessary approvals from the relevant authorities in PRC;
b) Provide required assistance and advisory support to comply with the relevant domestic PPP procedures in PRC;
c) Assist in drafting of submission requirements in compliance with the domestic PPP procedure; and
d) Assist in liaising with the relevant authorities in the PRC, as may be required.
2) Financial affordability demonstration
a) Assess the Projects financial viability;
b) Forecast projects expenditure and capital structure;
c) Assess governments affordability and the fiscal impact on the government budget; and
d) Deliver financial affordability demonstration report and make revisions as needed to obtain government approval
3) Value for Money evaluation
a) Determine if PPP procurement provides value for money;
b) Draft value for money assessment methodologies used for the study;
c) Conduct value for money assessment using both qualitative and quantitative approach required by the government; and
d) Conduct value for money evaluation and make revisions as needed to obtain government approval.
4) Project Implementation Plan
a) Develop detailed timeline for project implementation;
b) Prepare a detailed timeline, key tasks and responsibility matrix for key activities leading up to financial close;
c) Outline key approval process and process to registration of the Project (as may be required); and
d) Deliver project implementation plan and make revisions as needed to obtain government approval.
Value for Money Evaluation, Financial Affordability Demonstration, and PPP Project Implementation Plan should be prepared in Chinese.

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