Newsletter September 2018: A World Free of Poverty

September 2018 edition of the NL4WorldBank newsletter is out! untitledA World Free of Poverty which was published on the 11th of September.

In this edition we feature a story about Wijnand van Ijssel, the secondant for the Food 4 All Partnership between the Netherlands and the World Bank Group. The Partnership aims to find synergies and collaboration between Dutch knowledge programs and expertise in agriculture and food/nutrition and connect this with knowledge development and investment program needs of the World Bank Group.

We have updated the handbook with new information on the current procurement framework. Besides the handbook we also created fact sheets which include information on project cycles as well as Bank jargon which will be good to know when working with the World Bank Group. The handbook and fact sheets will provide those who are interested in working with the World Bank Group a first impression of how this large organization works.

The World Bank Group puts countless hours to create transparent and informative studies which highlight the pain points but also initiate action to End Poverty. We have included some of these studies in this edition of our newsletter ; IDA17 Retrospective: Maximizing Development Impact ; The Global Findex Database ; Aftershocks: Remodeling the Past for a Resilient Future

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