Ec2: Mozambique – Preparation of a Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan

Deadline: 29-Jan-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Objective: With 26% of electrification, and vast disparities on coverage between urban and rural areas, the provision of electricity access in Mozambique is key to promote a more equitable socioeconomic development and reduce extreme poverty. The Government of Mozambique (GOM), with Bank support, sponsored and hosted several consultations and workshops for internal and external audience to discuss sector challenges and principles for electrification. Based on this consultation process, the GOM is finalizing the preparation of a National Electrification Strategy that allows Mozambique to achieve full access by 2030, in line with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal #7 Affordable and Clean Energy.

See full tender here: Mozambique – Preparation of a Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan

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  • MZ – Mozambique