eC2:Technical Advisor for Mauritius Water Utility Affermage PPP

Deadline:  24-Jul-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)water

IFC has been mandated by the Government of Mauritius – through the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities – to assist in structuring and tendering an affermage arrangement for the Central Water Authority (CWA), the national water utility. As part of its mandate, IFC will be appointing several consultants to support, including an international engineering firm, which will be required to evaluate CWA’s operations, assess capex planning and financials, provide inputs to the financial model, and evaluate the current structure of CWA and perform a skills assessment. A World Bank study was carried out in 2016 to identify PPP options for improving CWA’s performance, which included technical due diligence so the purpose of this study will be to update the study and supplement as necessary. Additional details are contained in the attached terms of reference.

See full tender here: Technical Advisor for Mauritius Water Utility Affermage PPP

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Tender notification: # 1246756

Assignment Countries:

  • MU – Mauritius

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