Webinar on “How to Complain?”

You are kindly invited to join us for a Private Sector Webinar on “How to Complain”, Theindex webinar will be held on Thursday June 8, 2017 from 08:00am – 10:00am Washington, DC Time.


The 2016 Procurement Framework has enhanced the mechanism for handling of procurement-related complaints. The enhancements are aimed at providing fair, timely and meaningful relief to complainants while avoiding undue delays and disruptions to project implementation.

Register: Please email your interest to: Nancy Bikondo-Omosa (nbikondo@worldbank.org).

Deadline: 5pm, Monday June 5, 2017

The webinar will be conducted by the following staff:

  • Diomedes Berroa, Lead Specialist
  • Belita Manka, Senior Counsel Registration.

We invite you to register to either attend the webinar in person or join through video conferencing facilities (WebEx).

The webinar will provide an overview on the types of complaints covered by the Procurement Regulations for Borrowers and the process for review and resolution of these complaints, covering among other topics: how these complaints shall be submitted and handled; general requirements and timelines for filing and resolving the complaints; the application of standstill period; debriefing by the Borrower; and the roles and responsibilities of the private sector, Borrowers and the World Bank in

Attendees: Please indicate if you will attend the webinar in person or by WebEx.

please provide the name and address of your company and a contact person’s email address.

If you wish to register to attend in person, please provide the name/s of the attendee/so (Security passes will need to be arranged to allow access to World Bank premises). Please note, that depending on the number of registrations we receive, attendees may be restricted to one per organization.

Confirmation of registration will be sent to you by Wednesday June 7. At this time, the:

  • location of the event (World Bank building, room and street address in Washington) will be confirmed (for participants attending in person)
  • log on details for WebEx will be confirmed (for participants joining the webinar through video conference facilities). Please note, there is a maximum number that can log in through WebEx. Depending on the number of registrations, we may need to limit the number of WebEx log ins per organization.