eC2: Risk Communication Research for the Open Data for Resilience Initiative

Deadline: 08-Feb-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

This project seeks to document the third pillar of the work program, Using Data, similar to how OpenDRI has documented its first two pillars through the above publications. This pillar brings together ideas and efforts from the fields of risk communication, user-centered design, and civic technology to ensure that investments in generating, collecting and sharing data contribute to evidence-based and risk-informed policies, ideally causing change in policy and behavior. Further, the third pillar seeks to inform the ways in which OpenDRI designs projects falling under the first two pillars.

This third pillar is by far the least mature, and thus there is significant room for growth and guidance as to how to expand this practice effectively into World Bank and OpenDRI partner projects. The purpose of this consultancy is, therefore, to:

1. More clearly articulate how these projects relate under a coherent strategy for improving and increasing use of risk information by OpenDRI project partners.
2. Draw more fully upon the areas that this pillar is based on (risk communication, user-centered design, civic technology) to inspire new approaches beyond what OpenDRI is already doing.
3. Promote effective and innovative approaches to working with risk information within GFDRR partners in country government and development agencies.
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