eC2:Senior Land Use Planning Specialist consultant

Deadline: 30-Jan-2017 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)ml-can-a-nation-build-its-future-if-it-cannot-feed-its-children-five-policy-actions-to-transform-crop-and-livestock-farming-in-mali-780x439

The World Bank is seeking an experienced senior Land Use Planning Specialist consultant (LUPS), who would be based in Maputo (ideally for 100% of his/ her time) to provide technical support and advice on the following:
a) Design and implmentation of the World Bank program of technical assistance on land use planning (LAUREL), intended to support integrated decision making for landscape management across sectors and levels of government
b)  Design and implmentation of  Mozambique’s National Territorial Development Plan (PNDT in the Portuguese acronym)
The contract would have an initial duration 150 days, with the possibility of extension, subject to performance and funding.

See full tender here: senior-land-use-planning-specialist-consultant

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Tender notification: # 1234797

Assignment Countries:

  • MZ – Mozambique