IADB Tender: Support for Improving Disaster and Climate Resilience in Sustainable Tourism

Deadline: Jun 03, 2016 06:00 PM (US Eastern Time)

The Inter-American Development Bank now invites eligible consulting firms to indicate their interest in providing the services. idb

The firm will: (i) design and carry out baseline coastal studies for Corozal District, (ii) prioritize the coastal area for shoreline stabilization measures, including where appropriate ecosystem-based coastal protection, non-structural and soft-engineering measures, and based upon agreed criteria and stakeholder engagement; (iii) prepare designs for shoreline stabilization investments; and (iv) conduct the feasibility analysis of investments in accordance with the requirements of the Bank for public sector financing, including socioeconomic, environmental, financial, and institutional feasibility. The consultancy will also provide support to training and dissemination activities. Award of this contract is pending final availability of resources. The procurement method for this contract will be quality and cost-based selection. The anticipated budget for the services is USD $700,000.

Expressions of interest must be delivered via e-Sourcing application at: https://enet.iadb.org/BidderWeb/signOn.aspx  

See full tender here: Support_for_Improving_Disaster_and_Climate_Resilience_in__Sustainable_Tourism

Tender website: http://bit.ly/1NNj8gV

Tender notification: Project No: BL-T1080

Assignment Countries:

  • Belize