Launch of 2016 World Bank Group/Bloomberg Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report

A lively read for companies, investors, governments, and other key players interested in 20160301_OffGridSolarTrendsReportBNEFSolarReport_EmailTeaser_R3the opportunities and challenges presented by the dynamic off-grid solar market. The report tracks the groundbreaking technological advances and innovative business models which have emerged to transform the lives ofmillions through affordable modern solar energy services.

The report: 20160301_OffGridSolarTrendsReport

This is the third in a series produced by the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global Program since the young industry’s emergence seven years ago. Written in collaboration with Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and in cooperation with the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association, the report provides a comprehensive view of the state of one of t

he most impactful sectors in the global economy today.

• 1.2 billion people without access to the power grid

• $27 billion spent annually on lighting and mobile-phone charging technologies

• 89 million people in Africa and Asia with improved access to energy by using off-grid solar products

• $276 million invested in the off-grid solar industry in 2015, a 15-fold increase since 2012

• $3.1 billion market opportunity for the off-grid solar industry by 2020, reaching 99 million households

Launch of 2016 World Bank Group/Bloomberg Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report

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