PPIAF’s new call for proposals

PPIAF aims to fund more innovative ideas like this one, and its new call for proposals!

Welcomes applications for knowledge initiatives focused on addressing infrastructure challenges  through increased private sector participation in infrastructure. The Fall 2015 Call for Proposals is open to submissions from World Bank Group staff and eligible external organizations such as multilateral development banks, NGOs, and other similar institutions.

Deadline: November 6, 2015

The topics for the Fall 2015 Call for Proposals are:
* Guiding principles and best practices in policy, regulatory and legislative frameworks to develop climate resilience investment through PPPs;
* Identifying and assessing best practices for PPP units/offices/authorities in developing countries to identify, prepare, procure and implement PPPs;
* Effective long-term financing solutions (e.g., commercial banks, capital markets, infrastructure bonds, blended finance, pooled finance, etc.) for infrastructure PPPs in developing countries;
* The challenges and solutions, including innovative structures or models, for doing PPPs in fragile and conflict-affected countries;
* Best practices in mainstreaming energy efficiency in infrastructure PPPs;
* Examples of gender-informed PPP enabling environment frameworks and how they are applied in practice; or
* How have PPPs delivered pro-poor impacts as compared to traditional infrastructure procurement modes?

Potential applicants are invited to submit a proposal for a knowledge activity as a knowledge product (including toolkits, guides, manuals, briefs, etc.), capacity building activities (training seminars and workshops, development of training materials), and outreach activities (conferences/forums). A total of $1 million in funding is available.