WB Event – The Big Push toward Universal Health Coverage: Metrics, Data, and Impact

Date: October 26, 2015

The developing world—and some parts of the 62049 - IPC-001465developed world too, including the United States—is in the midst of a big push toward Universal Health Coverage (UHC). There is, however, confusion about what UHC means and how to measure it. As a result it is unclear how far countries are from reaching UHC, and the degree to which different UHC-inspired reforms have actually helped move countries towards UHC.

In this talk, Adam Wagstaff will expose the limitations of often-used UHC definitions and metrics, propose a new UHC index that reflects a more satisfactory definition of UHC, and present results for selected countries. He will also use the index to reinterpret the results of impact evaluations of several UHC-inspired health reforms in Asia that he has been involved with. Finally, he will discuss planned new research aimed at improving data on noncommunicable disease treatment in multipurpose household surveys and at testing alternative strategies (including the use of incentives) to enhance patient adherence to treatment.

Speakers: Adam Wagstaff, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Tim Evans.

More information here.

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