World Bank to Support Bulgarian Government with Energy Sector Assessment

Article originally published on the World Bank website.

The Bulgarian Government and the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) have asked the World Bank to provide a sound analytical basis and options that the Ministry of Energy and BEH could consider in defining a strategy for financial recovery and the liberalization of the power market.

The advisory support will be implemented in two phases. In the first phase, which starts now in collaboration with the Bulgarian Energy Holding, the Bank will undertake an objective assessment of the sector’s financial position to propose options for the implementation of the liberalization of the power market. The second phase of the project in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy is expected to be initiated shortly after and will focus on preparing a detailed roadmap for the liberalization of the market and exploring means to make power services more affordable to vulnerable population.

“It is an honor and responsibility for us helping the Government to carefully plan and strategically position Bulgaria’s economy back on the growth track. The financial sustainability of the energy sector and the liberalization of the market are key in pursuing a long term growth and shared prosperity for Bulgaria,” said World Bank Country Manager for Bulgaria Tony Thompson.


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2 thoughts on “World Bank to Support Bulgarian Government with Energy Sector Assessment

  1. Given Bulgaria’s longstanding dependence on Russia, Europe’s nervousness in regards to the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, and environmental concerns over shale oil and gas fracking, it seems more than timely to assess options for Bulgaria’s energy sector. How long, however, will the World Bank and the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy take for this energy assessment, weighing of options, and actual plan implementation?


  2. Hi risabuzatova,
    thanks for your question. For the most accurate answer regarding the energy assessment in Bulgaria, and specifically regarding the timeline and options considered, you can best contact those more intimately involved in the assessment. If in Bulgaria, contact Ivelina Taushanova (Tel : (359 2) 96 97 239, If in the US, contact Elena Karaban (Tel : +1 (202) 473-9277,
    Hope this helps.
    Best, Bouk


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