Morocco: Improving Primary Health in Rural Areas

On Friday, April 24, the Board of Directors of the World Bank will decide on a proposed project in Morocco to improve primary health in rural areas, involving a total of $100 million from the World Bank, for a total of over $220 million.

The stated Project Development Objective is to expand access to primary healthcare in targeted rural areas in the Program Area. The operation will contribute to the Government’s health sector program by disbursing funds against achievements of the following key results: (a) expanding equitable access to primary care in rural areas; and (b) improving health system governance at the primary level.

The key results for the project are:

  1. Increased use of primary healthcare services in targeted rural areas;
  2. Improved accountability of the health system vis-à-vis the population in targeted rural areas; and
  3. Establishment of the HMIS in all public health facilities in one region.

More information can be found at the project website: This is also where the Project Appraisal Document will be available after expected Board approval on April 24, and where the Project Information Document is available (in French).