eC2: Technical Authors for the Digital Regulation Handbook and Online Platform

Deadline: 18-Dec-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)  index.jpeg

This activity will update the ICT Regulatory Handbook (to be called the Digital Regulation Handbook and Toolkit) which will be launched on a new mobile first web platform in 2020 (20th anniversary edition). This Handbook will support digital collaborative regulation and will require the support of various partners with skills and expertise to provide regulatory information and products and tools to promote knowledge sharing, information exchange, collaboration and best practices. The content developed will provide an update on the basics of ICT regulation in light of the digital transformation sweeping across sectors and will include new regulatory aspects and tools for ICT regulators to consider when making regulatory decisions.

The Digital Regulation Handbook will consist of five chapters that address key regulatory topics including:
1.Regulatory governance and independence.
2.Economics of regulation, interconnection and competition issues.
3.Spectrum management.
4.Other technical aspects, including cybersecurity, QoS, AI, blockchain, numbering etc.
5.Other regulatory issues, including universal service, licensing, consumer protection.

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