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Introducing Expert Answers: A new video series from the World Bank Group

Here at the World Bank we’re about to launch a brand new video series. It’s called Expert Answers and you’ll be able to watch the first episode on November 14th on LinkedIn and YouTube.   We’re still busy filming interviews and writing scripts but as we reach the final countdown I thought I’d try to answer a few questions you as the audience might already have: Why are we doing this? What can you expect? Where can you watch? Is it for you?


I’m a relative newbie at the Bank Group. Yes, I’ve been here 10 months and the acronyms now roll off my tongue all too easily – but I’m fresh enough to still be awed by the width and depth of the Bank’s work. When I stand in the lunch queue I can be eavesdropping in on a conversation about sanitation in India, solar power in Egypt, or girls’ education in Burkina Faso – taking place in one of over a hundred different languages! And did you know the Bank has specialists on everything from the cost of gender-based violence to early-warning weather systems?

Despite over 20 years as a journalist, it’s been a steep learning curve as I’ve tried to understand the scope and the details of numerous Bank projects. But I’ve loved it. The opportunity to learn new things, to listen to the smartest people explain how we could make the world a better place, has been fascinating and a privilege.

And so we thought why not share that privilege with everyone? And that in a nutshell is the idea behind Expert Answers. Each month we’ll quiz a World Bank specialist: an expert answers with expert answers. See what we did there? 

Our goal is to help you understand some of the biggest issues in Development today – and it isn’t all doom and gloom. Here at the Bank we’re optimistic about finding solutions, building partnerships and looking forward to a better future. We’ll be asking our colleagues about what works on the ground and what we can do to meet the biggest global challenges. 

Want to understand what debt transparency is and why it matters? Did you know that remittance payments have hit a record high? What’s the relationship between growth, poverty and inequality? Big questions require expert answers. 

Back to one of my earlier questions – is it for you? Well if you’re curious about the world, interested in what we can do to help the poorest countries, or have a thirst for knowledge, then this is definitely for you.

You can tune in to the new series on LinkedIn and YouTube from November 14th. Let us know what you think and what questions you’d like to ask our experts.  You can email us at



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