eC2: Assess the Technical Efficiency of Community-Based Nutrition Interventions in Sierra Leone

Deadline: 21-Jul-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) power-nutrition

The consulting firm will work on the following; (a) mapping of existing community-based delivery platforms across sectors and identify opportunities for better coordination and enhanced synergy, including an in-depth analysis of the existing mapping results; (b) review and analyze the existing multisectoral coordination mechanisms at both national and subnational levels, including the SUN Secretariat; and (c) review the existing behavioral change communication (BCC) study results and analyze the interaction of various delivery platforms which convey messages related to nutrition and identify options for better harmonization and optimization. More specifically, the consulting firm will:

1. Develop a work plan for the assignment as well as an agenda for the in-country mission(s), listing the key stakeholders she/he will meet.

2. Develop a framework of analysis and methodology to assess technical efficiency

3. Collect information on the existing community-based nutrition service delivery platforms, the governments policies and strategies on them, their activities and messages, further elaborated from the mapping done by REACH. Field work follows to obtain primary data through semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions and observations. Conduct follow-up with the key stakeholders via email or phone to obtain any outstanding data or other relevant information when necessary.

4. Analyze and write reports on the current situations of community-based nutrition interventions in terms of technical efficiency. The examples of the areas to be covered include, but not limited to, (a) synthesize the package of both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive services delivered by the different platforms; (b) synthesize the constraints to deliver services as well as opportunities to improve services; (c) synthesize lessons learned and innovations for scale-up; (d) synthesize the role, or lack thereof, of local governments/local service providers in managing the community-based platform, coupled with coordination mechanisms at both national and subnational levels and quality assurance mechanisms if any.

5. Make recommendations on best possible use of these community-based delivery platforms to improve technical efficiency of both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions in a systemic approach, and implementation arrangements including quality assurance and social accountability mechanisms, and performance-based management system to manage multisectoral community-based platforms.

6. Lead in organizing a national validation and dissemination workshop.

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  • SL – Sierra Leone