eC2: Software development firm hiring for Myanmar Agricultural Inputs Reforms for Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Chatbot Development

Deadline: 03-Apr-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) agriculture-youth

3. Scope of Work

3.1 Based on the objectives above, the firm shall propose the technology to be used to develop the Chatbot, training modules, GAP data collection and surveys (knowledge retention and feedback loops), etc.

3.2 Open source technologies, not requiring annual licenses, etc. shall be considered and prioritized in the development of the GAP Chatbot, as IFC will own the Chatbot and may use this tool in other projects.

3.3 The firm shall provide a secure development environment for the initial installation and roll-out of the GAP Chatbot. The development environment (recommended to be Cloud based) shall also be made accessible to authorized client and WBG staff to facilitate design approval and acceptance testing.

3.4 After completion of acceptance testing, the firm shall procure and prepare the production hosting environment (on a Cloud) and upload the completed software application. MoALI/DOA will contract and pay for the hosting arrangements beyond June 30, 2020.

3.5 The firm shall develop training materials (handbooks) for content management and provide the appropriate training for superusers. The firm is expected, under this proposal, to provide technical support to the MoALI/DOA until 30 June, 2020. Any extended technical support or further development of the Chatbot, shall be negotiated and contracted directly with the MoALI/DOA.

3.6 The firm shall develop a Powerpoint presentation for the purpose of introducing and training farmers to effectively use the Chatbot.

3.7 The firm will ensure the appropriate security for the application code and the database in all phases of this project.

3.8 All documentation to be delivered as part of this contract must be in Microsoft Word 2010 or more recent version.

3.9 All deliverables provided by the contractor under this project must be reviewed, approved, and signed off by the WBG Project Manager and the designated MoALI/DOA counterparts as being fully accepted.

3.10 All of the resulting products and intellectual property shall be property of the IFC and the firm shall be expected to upload all the deliverables including source code and manuals to IFCs Source Code Management (SCM) portal.

See full tender here: Software development firm hiring for Myanmar Agricultural Inputs Reforms for Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Chatbot Development

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