eC2: Open Data portal for the open data initiative of the Government of Honduras

Deadline: 19-Aug-2018 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The objective of this consultancy is to procure an Open Data portal for Honduras Open indexData Initiative. The Open Data portal will facilitate publication and interaction of various datasets across levels of government, as well as cultivate a strong Open Data Community in Honduras.

The consultant is expected to:
– Provide software services to enable the easy publication and consumption of Honduras government datasets, applications, and use-cases developed using Open Data sets as part of its Open Data Initiative.
– Gather user, technical, and design requirements for the platform through iterative consultations with government stakeholders and World Bank task team.
– Data portal should be capable of automatically harvesting and displaying data from other national or sub-national portals, and host datasets not already separately hosted.
– Arrange for hosting of the portal, the use-cases and applications repository and the datasets.
-Provide technical assistance and support at operational stage of the Open Data Platform until April 26, 2019.
-Provide on-site intensive training sessions on management and tools for the Open Data platform, including curation, versioning and quality control for data, and other matters.
– Meet the security considerations of the Honduran Government.

The selected firms team should include a project manager who will serve as a point of contact and provide regular weekly updates.

See full tender here: Open Data portal for the open data initiative of the Government of Honduras

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  • HN – Honduras