Recap of the Annual Meetings 2017

The Annual Meetings 2017 organized by the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have come to an end. Last week, more than 13.000 people from 180 different countries, including their Board of Governs, spoke about different topics varied from agriculture, to human capital, infrastructure and economic growth. Below you will find a daily  recap of the Annual Meetings 2017, which include a certain topic in the sense of a interview, panel discussion, speech or experts Q&A session.

Human capital summit

  • Challenging Business as Usual: A Conversation Between Jim Yong Kim and Hamdi Ulukaya (Tuesday, October 10, 2017)

Hamid Ulukaya, Chobani CEO and Tent Foundation Founder, shared his story about his mission to change the rules of business in order to develop common growth and offering help to refugees with World Bank Group director, Jim Yong Kim. He mentioned the urgent of rewriting the definition of ‘corporate social responsibility’ – programs and work with the primary focus of a business to realize a change for refugees, such as creating jobs.

  • Future harvest: Who Will grow Tomorrow’s Food? (Wednesday, October 11, 2017)

This session put a spotlight on the issue of aging farmers who are finding profit and purpose within the agriculture. Various farmers with different backgrounds spoke about their scarifies and input to create a successful business in order to give tips & tricks for young farmers.  Also the absence of women and the efforts to grow this number within the industry has been discussed.

  • Digital Economy for Development (Thursday, October 12, 2017)

Various leading technology pioneers discussed how digital technology is discontinuous development and what kind of solutions could be executed to state the equality and harness its benefit.  Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia and World Bank Group president Jim Yong Kim spoke about how their organization could reinforce each other to develop the sustainable turism sector and help entrepreneurs in developing countries acquire more profit while gaining new skills.

  • Human Capital Summit (Friday, October 13, 2017)

World leaders, such as Lilliane Ploumen, Minister of Foreign Trade and  International Development coordination spoke about of universal Health Coverage (UHC), quality of education, skills and jobs, youth and women and girls. Lilliane Ploumen underlined the importance of how countries should more invest in Human Capital in the global sense and especially within the empowerment of women by giving them power and chances.

  • Taking Women-owned Business to the next level (Friday, October 13, 2017)

The Women Entrepreneurs Financing Initiative (We-Fi), an initiative of Ivanka Trump and 14 other countries, spoke about the barriers which women face in the process of creating a business within the profit and public sector. Women pioneers not only need access to finance, but they also need access to mentoring, technology, knowledge, according to the panel discussion.

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