Ecofys: Connecting the dots on climate change

Last year, governments raised about US$26 billion charging for carbon emissions – a figure ecofys2taken from “Carbon Pricing Watch 2016” jointly prepared by the World Bank Group and Ecofys.  Ecofys is proud to be able to support  the World Bank Groups key ambition to bring down global emissions and drive investment into cleaner options.

The past four years Ecofys has assisted the World Bank in writing the annual report State and Trends of Carbon Pricing. The report is the authoritative reference point for carbon pricing information and provides data and insights of the work of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition. Recognized by the international community, the State and Trends report provides insights used for the climate negotiations and, in turn, reports on their progress. The 2016 edition will focus on the alignment of carbon pricing with other climate policies. While a future outlook was released in May, the full 2016 report will be published later this year.

Ecofys’ supports the World Bank Group beyond the comprehensive mapping exercise by not only consulting on the global picture, but zooming in on a country level. Current examples include assignments in Turkey and Thailand for the Partnership for Market Readiness, where Ecofys investigates how countries can use carbon pricing to meet their climate plans (INDCs). Ecofys also works on the Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Change Mitigation which aims to identify innovative ways to disburse climate finance by leveraging existing infrastructure from the carbon market.

Creating  the link between the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. and their country level work has been a key factor in Ecofys successful support to the World Bank. Supported by the Dutch embassies, Ecofys connected to the World Bank Group teams in Washington D.C. and country offices. Dependent on the local needs, Ecofys also made sure to team up with domestic experts and partners.  Other examples of key themes that Ecofys is working on related to World Bank are ‘renewable energy auctions and support schemes’, ‘green cities’, ‘variable renewable energy integration in the grid’, ‘energy masterplans’, and ‘labeling of energy efficiency equipment’.

If you need more information on the report State and Trends of Carbon Pricing, feel free to contact  Ecofys.

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