Upcoming Smart City Events


July 10-14, Singapore

The World Cities Summit 2016 will explore how cities can better govern and build up resilience through policy, technology and social innovations. With active engagement, there will be more opportunities for the public, private and people sectors to co-create innovative and integrated urban solutions for a more livable and sustainable future. Click here.

July 12, IDB HQ, Washington D.C.

International Experts at Migrating from a Traditional City Management to a Smart City Management seminar will present specific “Smart City” Case Studies from Rio de Janeiro, Medellin, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Songdo, Orlando, among others. “The Road Towards Smart Cities”, a publication that proposes a roadmap for carrying out this transformation, will be launched and private sector partners will present innovative solutions and successful implementation of “Smart City” solutions. Click here.

July 20-21, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, Indonesia

The annual Smart City Summit and Asia-Africa Smart City event are jointly organized by the Committee of Indonesian Smart City Forum and the Committee of International Conference on Smart Cities.   Last year, the two-day Conference was attended by 446 participants, 26 mayors and dozens of foreign delegations from 39 countries. Click here.

July 26, World Bank HQ, Washington D.C.

“Smart” Citizen Engagement in Municipal Areas – a peer to peer exchange workshop co-hosted by Citizen Engagement team and the Smart Cities KSB, brings together New York, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and a number of other clients to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices through a dynamic one-day exchange session among cities that are in different stages of implementing digital citizen engagement platforms and innovations.   More details will be made available here. Click here.

July 29- 31, Beijing, China

China Smarter Cities International Expo is designed to promote the healthy development of smart cities through innovation, involving nearly 300 exhibitors including smart cities, communities and enterprises related at home and abroad. The event will show the long-term planning and the latest achievements of the smart cities construction and development, promote the international interaction and communication in the field of smart cities, spread the new ideas and popularize the scientific research achievements and technologies in the field of smart cities. Click here.