World Statistics Day (and Why We Need to Invest in Them)

Statistics day





Below a very interesting blog post focusing on Statistics.

Better data leads to better lives.

World Statistics Day celebrates the role of statistics, the institutions and individuals that produce them, and the impact they have in designing and monitoring the policies and services that can improve people’s wellbeing.

So without further ado, my colleages around the Bank have put together 17 statistics that stand out for them – some you may know, some you may not, all of them related to the Sustainable Development Goals: Click here


There are some big gaps in country-level data – gaps in what we know. We consider this “data deprivation” an overlooked dimension of poverty. That’s why we’re working with our partners to identify priority investments to close these gaps.

The areas we’ll initially focus on include: ensuring universal civil registration of births and deaths; improving economic statistics; expanding the coverage of household surveys in the world’s poorest countries; and taking advantage of new technologies and data sources to improve data production and use.

Statistics are vital. We’re working to make them better, so they can be used better.

Above article is a blog posted which is posted on the World Bank website : The World Bank Data Blog