New World Bank Structure

World Bank buildingOn July 1, 2014, the World Bank launched its new structure with 14 Global Practices (GPs) and 5 Cross-Cutting Solution Area (CCSAs). The Senior Directors responsible for the various GPs and CCSAs are to inform President Jim Kim of the World Bank how they wish to structure their new organizations by early September.

The following Global Practices have been created (along with the Senior Director):

  • Agriculture (Juergen Voegele)
  • Education (Claudia Costin)
  • Energy & Extractives (Anita George)
  • Environment & Natural Resources (Paula Caballero)
  • Finance & Markets (Gloria Grandolini)
  • Governance (Mario Marcel)
  • Health, Nutrition & Population (Timothy Evans)
  • Macroeconomics & Fiscal Management (Marcelo Giugale)
  • Poverty (Ana Revenga)
  • Social Protection & Labor (Arup Banerji)
  • Trade & Competitiveness (Anabel Gonzalez)
  • Transport & Information Technology  (Pierre Guislain)
  • Urban, rural & Social Development (Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez)
  • Water (Junaid Ahmad)

The Cross-Cutting Solution Areas are the following:

  • Climate Change (Rachel Kyte)
  • Fragility, Conflict & Violence (Betty Bigombe)
  • Gender (Caren Grown)
  • Jobs (Nigel Twose)
  • Public-Private Parterships (Laurence Carter)

As a result of the reorganization, many staff members have been “re-mapped” to different GPs, and are now reinventing themselves within a new organizational structure. This affects hierarchical lines, budgets, responsibilities, and project staffing.

Once the unrest of the reorganization settles, hopefully around the end of September, it could be a prime time to rekindle relationships within the new structures. What better way to meet new directors and staff than by meeting them face to face? We strongly suggest that you reach out to World Bank Headquarters or its country offices to find out what opportunities this may open up for your business. We are happy to help you make connections if needed!