Kenya Water Security & Climate Resilience Project

Although Kenya is experiencing a strong, yet uneven, decade of growth and absolute poverty has declined, Kenya’s economy is still vulnerable to erratic climate patterns and a fragile natural resource base, including limited water availability. Kenya’s people and the economy are highly vulnerable to these erratic climatic patterns and limited water availability due to their reliance on key sectors (agriculture, tourism, hydro-energy, etc.) that depend on rainfall and water availability.

The Kenyan government has planned a large-scale water investment program to address these challenges and has requested the World Bank support these ambitious plans for the water sector through the Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Program (KWSCRP). The first phase, KWSCRP-1 was approved by IDA in June 2013, and now phase 2 (KWSCRP-2) is proposed. KWSCRP-2 is at this moment a pipeline project and its board date is unknown. Continue reading