eC2: National Multi-Tier framework Energy Access Household Energy Survey

Deadline: 23-Dec-2019 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)Survey

A reputed firm with extensive experience in household surveys is sought to conduct the baseline survey on energy access in Burkina Faso using the World Bank multi-tier framework approach to track progress towards SDG7. The survey will be nationally representative and will be administered in both urban and rural localities and will also include community surveys. The firm will work with the World Bank-ESMAP to pre-test, finalize, and implement the survey. Data collection should be carefully monitored to ensure high-quality information. The firm will provide capacity building to Ministry of Energy and National Statistics and Demography Institute (INSD) to ensure continuity on tracking of energy indicators. After completing the fieldwork, the firm will deliver the final dataset and summary report to the World Bank-ESMAP.

See full tender here: Burkina Faso – National Multi-Tier framework Energy Access Household Energy Survey

eConsultant2 website:

Tender notification: # 1265754

Assignment Countries:

  • BF – Burkina Faso



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