Leveraging Innovations for Rights and Justice

An interdisciplinary discussion on the role of law on how to harness the risks of LJD-WEEK-2019technological advances to achieve long-lasting development solutions.

Leveraging Innovations for Rights and Justice

Technologies are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution and disrupting traditional legal frameworks. The rapid technological advances can accelerate progress towards achieving the SDGs and the World Bank Group’s goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity, but these also bring unprecedented risks that lead to rising inequality, job loss, exclusion, data privacy, bias, security, and loss of societal trust.

How can the law facilitate the use of disruptive technologies to shape the sustainable economies of the future? And how can it tackle the risks and challenges brought forward by rapid technological advances?

This keynote panel of the Law, Justice and Development Week 2019 will feature an interdisciplinary discussion on the advances of technology, the challenges posed by technological expansion, and the subsequent impact on global development solutions.


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