eC2: Data Collection, Model Development and Scenario Analysis for Complex Water Systems

Deadline: 13-Oct-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

The World Bank’s Complex Water Systems (COWS) Initiative has the objective of HYDROfacilitating the Bank managements and task teams access to analytical expertise for supporting engagements on challenging and high-priority complex water systems. COWS supports the World Bank Group-wide priority engagements that require technical expertise, for understanding and providing solutions to the challenges involving multiple sectors, parties, and time scales.

A Consultant is required to provide the following technical support, for the current and future engagements selected under the COWS Initiative:
(a) Data collection, quality review and processing.
(b) Development of water resources models (planning, operations simulation, and optimization)
(c) Detailed modeling analysis
(d) Reporting

The contract will be time-based; payments will be made quarterly based on actual time spent. The Consultant will provide at least 155 person-days of researcher-level support

See full tender here: data-collection-model-development-and-scenario-analysis-for-complex-water-systems

eConsultant2 website:

Tender notification:1227797

Assignment Countries:

  • No Countries Assigned

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