eConsultant2 & the Expression of Interest stage

In one of the first blog posts we highlighted the i-love-procurement2difference between Operational Procurement and Corporate Procurement. You can review this post at In essence, corporate procurement is when the World Bank procures goods, works or (consultancy) services itself, whereas in operational procurement, this is done by the borrowing country.

Roughly every quarter we have a meeting with the Corporate Procurement team to discuss any issues, problems, complaints and – every once in a while – compliments that you have raised with us. In this post, we’d like to update you on some of the changes in the corporate procurement process and the eConsultant2 system it uses. In the spotlight this time: the Expression of Interest (EoI) stage.

  • Small assignments (between $50,000 and $250,000)
    • Open for a minimum of 7 days;
    • Minimum number of shortlisted firms is 2. No maximum number of shortlisted firms.


  • Large assignments (over $250,000)
    • Open for a minimum of 14 days;
    • Minimum number of shortlisted firms is 3. No maximum number of shortlisted firms.


  • Typically 5 to 7 firms are shortlisted.


  • If shortlisted, you will receive an email indicating you have been shortlisted, and you will receive an overview of the other firms on the shortlist.


  • If not shortlisted, no reason is given, and no list of shortlisted firms is provided. You may request additional information regarding the choice not to be shortlisted via, but you will receive a very brief explanation at best. Shortlisting is about being ‘most qualified’, not about ‘not qualified’.


  • An EOI is not always open to everyone: the TTL is authorized to invite only specific firms to bid.


  • The TTL is authorized to add specific firms to the RFP stage, effectively giving these firms a ‘bye’ for the EOI stage.

General tips & tricks

DON’T ever send proposals to the TTL directly. Given the system of checks and balances your proposal will automatically be disqualified from the process. Instead, in case of technical difficulties, send the proposal to the helpdesk ( with the request to upload the proposal to the tender on your behalf.

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